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Timothy Cane – Editor

Writing about and reporting news is not just his career but also his passion. From a young age, Timothy remembers sitting on the couch next to his father to watch the nightly news, followed by performing his own broadcast to anyone who would watch.

Although Timothy grew up in a small farming community, he was well aware of things happening elsewhere in the world. He enjoyed things that most young men do like refurbishing old cars and going to the shooting range, but with this deep-seeded interest in news, he decided in his late teens that reporting was something he wanted to do as living.

After high school, Timothy joined the Marines and after serving four years, he went on to complete his education in journalism, which led to where he is today. When not seeking out newsworthy stories to write or report about, he and his wife love taking road trips and spending quality time with the couple’s three children.

Helen Means – Staff Writer

For the past 30 years, Helen has been a published writer, focusing on genres such as health, technology, and entertainment. Five years ago with the assistance of her husband, a local news reporter the two started their own company. Now, Helen has the perfect platform on which to use her craft but in addition, she continues working as a contributing writer for several top websites.

Helen devotes her time creating stories of interest that reach a broad audience. She writes about major health issues such as the Ebola virus, technological breakthroughs like Apple’s iPhone 6, and current happenings within the Hollywood arena.

Although both Helen and her husband enjoy travel, she spends much of her free time working in her massive vegetable garden, canning, and doting on the grandkids. Following in her footsteps are two of her children who have also become prolific writers.

Randy Barth- Staff Writer

Born in Europe, Randy saw both the good and bad side of daily life. While his family lived in an impoverished area of Germany, they traveled to London relatively often where he had the opportunity to see the Buckingham Palace and other famous landmarks. This diversity sparked his interest in world news.

Determined to make a better life for himself, as well as his mother, father, and two siblings, Randy secured a scholarship to college where he earned two Bachelor’s degrees, one in journalism and the other in political science. Merging his two passions and educations, he eventually moved to the United States and started what is now a highly successful business.

Randy’s parents chose to stay in Germany but his two brothers did follow him to America where they too have carved out success although in different fields. With a home base in both the states and in Europe, Randy uses this as a way of gaining insight into some of the most powerful current events, which are then put to paper and shared with his readers.

Glenda Phillips – Staff Writer

Glenda possesses a unique ability to create stories that people want to read. For years, she focused primarily on things pertaining to the Fine Arts but after falling in love with the Performing Arts, she expanded her writing. Today, Glenda operates one of the most popular online gossip columns in existence and when she has time, her voice is heard on local radio.

As a single woman, Glenda loves to travel to Los Angeles, giving her the chance to meet celebrities and get real inside stories. Unlike some gossip columns based solely on “gossip”, Glenda prides herself in sharing factual information that is sometimes comical and sometimes serious.

At home, Glenda’s two yellow Labradors keep her company. The threesome is often seen at the park where the dogs take dips in the lake. Using her quick wit, keen sense of responsibility, and a nose for digging up “good information”, Glenda has developed a large and loyal following.

Denny Franklin – Staff Writer

Unlike many news writers, Denny is “self-taught”. Even so, he tells people that he should never be discounted because he always does his homework and only reports the facts. Much of Denny’s work revolves around events within the United States although he does delve into world news as well.

Denny has enjoyed a successful writing career that spans more than five decades. He began writing as a dare but after completing two articles, he was hooked. From there, he spent time honing his skill by reading everything he could get his hands on and paying close attention to news pertaining to his home country.

Denny and his wife just celebrated their 45th wedding anniversary and as a gift from their children, each received a brand new computer. When not clicking away on the keyboard, Denny is an avid sports fan. In addition to season tickets for both football and baseball, he loves going to ice hockey games.

Wanda Styles- Staff Writer

Incredible knowledge of news media coupled with an amazingly creative mind is what sets Wanda apart from other writers. With a career that spans more than 20 years, she has become one of the most sought after writers today. In addition to running her own business, Wanda is a reputable ghost writer and keynote speaker.

Ten years ago, Wanda started a workshop for up-and-coming writers. This workshop allows her to share critical information about becoming successful but also offers tips on how to be the best writer possible. Wanda also started a writer’s scholarship, which offers students who meet set criteria up to $10,000 a year in education toward a journalism degree.

Wanda has two grown children, one a doctor and the other a lawyer. She shares a Connecticut home with her husband and together, the two are in the process of updating their lakeside property.